Where Is Danbo From?

Danbo is a character from a manga* called Yotsuba&!, which chronicles the amusing life and adventures of the 5 year old girl the series is named after. Yotsuba&! was first published in August 2003 in Japan.

In issue 28 (from April 2006) one of Yotsuba’s older friends, a girl named Miura Hayasaka, dresses in a robot costume made from cardboard boxes as part of a school project.

Yotsuba discovers her dressed in the costume, so Miura playfully convinces Yotsuba that she is an actual “attack robot”, powered by money inserted into the slot on the chest. Miura names her “robot” Danbo, although around the Internet she can be known by several variations.

You can read the English translation of all the Yotsuba&! issues from this helpful website, with Issue 28′s Danbo encounter here. Remember to read the panels, and the speech within them, from right to left, or it’ll get pretty confusing!

In late 2007 the Japanese toy/model firm Kaiyodo released their Danbo figurines as part of their Revoltech line of products, featuring movable joints and interchangeable Danbo/Miura heads.

A few different models have been made available since then, including amazon.co.jp and 7-eleven branded versions, and even miniature variations.

*Manga are Japanese comics, although for anyone in the West it’s important to note that they aren’t just read by kids. Manga are read by folks of all ages in Japan.

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