What Does ‘Danbo’ Mean?

The name Danbo is a pun on the Japanese word for corrugated cardboard “danboru” (ダンボー). There’s also a company in Japan which makes cardboard boxes which has Danbooru in its name.

There have been a few variations on this name in the west, based on different translations from the original manga. If you’re looking around the Internet for Danbo-related things, she can be found under all of these:

  • Danbo
  • Danboard
  • Danboru
  • Danbooru
  • Cardbo

Danbo was the original name used in the Yotsuba&! manga, and has also been used in the most recent translated versions for western markets.

The original western translations used the name Cardbo instead, as a literal play on words of the western word “cardboard”, but the “correct” name in the eyes of purists is Danbo, keeping the original Japanese pun intact.

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