I Want A Danbo!

To date there have been four different models of Danbo released by Kaiyodo, the official manufacturer; original, amazon.co.jp, 7-eleven and mini amazon.co.jp.

Original Danbo

Standing around 5 inches tall, the original non-branded Danbo model is quite rare, and tends to be more expensive as a result. You can usually find a small number for sale on Ebay, typically for around £50 (approx $80, €60).

Amazon.co.jp Danbo

The same size as the original Danbo, this one is rather more widely available, reflected in the price; they can normally be found for around £30 – £40 (approx $60, €50).

7-Eleven Danbo

Also the same size as original Danbo, this one is the rarest of the bunch. There’s not usually many for sale, and when there are they tend to be £60+ (approx $90, €70).

Amazon.co.jp Mini Danbo

At only 2.5 inches tall this Danbo is extra kawaii, but not extra expensive. They usually sell at around £20 (approx $30, €25) and are fairly easy to get hold of.

Places To Buy Danbo

Ebay is always a good place to look, as many small importers use it as their online store-front for selling Danbos and other such items.

As we find other outlets with stocks of Danbos we’ll add new posts to the Where To Buy category, so subscribe to our RSS feed or follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with new sellers.

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